Is it safe?

CHEAPRP is 100% safe. We make use of safe and reliable payment methods such as Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and others. Your League account is also safe since we are only gifting you your skins through the League client.

Does CHEAPRP need access to my account?

No we do not need any other information other than your username and region so accessing your league account is impossible for us.

How can we offer our prices?

Thanks to the variations in local currency and free RP we get with big purchases we can provide our cheap prices. Our biggest source of income is the small fee of 0,69 per purchase that you pay at the checkout. We really need this small amount per purchase to keep you offering the newest skins at the best prices and to keep the site going! 

Which regions can buy these products?

We sell to the following in-game regions: EUW and EUNE (NA coming soon). So as long as your league account is in one of these regions you can take advantage of our prices!

I mistyped my summoner name/region. What now?

No worries. You can always send us an email to info@cheaprp.com for mistakes in your order.

Can I get a refund?

Yes refunds are possible. You can always opt for a refund between the time of transaction and gifting. However once you get your skin gifted to you a refund is not possible except if there was a mistake in your order. So please double check your orders.

I ordered my products, what now?

Once you ordered your CHEAPRP products you get a confirmation email. Moments later you will get a friend request on your league client. Please accept this friend request so that we can gift you your products. We have to be on you friend list for at least 24h before we can gift you your products. So please don’t delete us from your friend list. As long as we are in this list you don’t have to wait long hours for the next purchases.

Why should you buy from CHEAPRP?

We offer the League products you want at a much cheaper price. Spend your money wisely on the products you want and not on big expensive packs of in game currency. Don’t you like waiting? You can always pre-order the newest yet to be released skins a week before their release date and get them gifted to you the day of their release!